Bookcoverworld's team

Welcome! After you have invested a huge effort to write your book and to create a piece of art, let us help you show the world how amazing your book really is. If you are looking for an eye-catching and professional book cover design and formatting service, where your designer team will invest as much time as necessary to deliver the best cover and layout possible, then Bookcoverworld is the right place for you. The process of getting the perfect product can’t be easier. Take a minute to browse through our portfolio. If you like what you see, let us know and our team will gladly take in your order. Bookcoverworld is a small family business and that is how we treat our clients as well. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Tanja Prokop, Founder and Senior Cover Designer
 tanja [at]
Hello all, thank you for stopping by. My name is Tanja and I’m the founder and main cover designer in the team. I have started my own design studio a few years back and since then I‘m designing book covers professionally and with great passion. Because of the great support I’m getting from my three beautiful little girls and my amazing husband Bojan, I’m able to design covers on a daily basis, while constantly improving my skillset. I have never had one single unsatisfied client and I know that you won’t be the first one. Let my experience and knowledge help you get the best possible design for your book. I will help and guide you through the whole process, from the beginning, until the very end when the book gets printed and published. All you have to do is to contact me and let me do my magic.


Bojan Prokop, Co-Founder and Design Assistant
 bojan [at]
Hello all, my name is Bojan and I’m the co-founder of Bookcoverworld. Besides assisting Tanja in the design process, I will be here for you should you have any questions, requests or similar problems. Being a professional athlete my whole life and the president and coach of a triathlon club, I wasn’t able to concentrate too much on my creative interests and skills I wanted to improve, however, this has changed a few years back. After climbing the Aconcagua Mountain three times in a row, I have decided to shift my attention to new goals in life. Now, being a happy father and husband, I’m able to focus on other important things in life and leading a family business is one of them. My main role in the team is to help out with the design process and to make sure that all clients are happy with our service.


Vanja Dobre, Illustrator and Photographer
 vanja [at]
Hi, my name is Vanja. I am a painter with many solo exhibitions. I work primarily with oil on canvas, but I'm also successful in drawing and photography. Given that drawing is the grammar of painting I am not narrow profiled and I have a wide range of work and interests in art. I’m a new member of the Bookcoverworld team and I will do my best to provide high-quality drawings for clients who want to have a unique, on-demand drawing for their book. Regardless of what kind of drawing you need and if you only need a cover art design or illustrations for the interior of your book, feel free to contact me.


Tereza Vrkić Šarčević, Illustrator
 tereza [at]
Hi, my name is Tereza and I’m 37 years old. I love to read, draw and write but drawing is my overall passion. I use drawing accessories to bring fantasy characters and things to life while introducing them into our boring and monotonous lives, we all thrive to get out of sometimes. My love for drawing and illustrating is exactly that; an escape door to a magical world, which I would like to present to you. Being an illustrator allows me to drink out of an inexhaustible pool of ideas, passion, and imagination. My family, boyfriend and my two beautiful daughters allow me to live my dream and I’m so grateful for them being my inspiration. I would be happy to transfer a little part of that magic over to your book and to bring our mutual dreams to life.